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Charge Card

How can I upgrade IDV level from 2 to 3?

To increase your identification level from IDV2 to IDV3 please follow these instructions: Please note that upgrade can only be processed if you previously ... Read more

Why is the amount held for 14-days?

Loading from bank accounts not in your own name (third-party accounts) is a function exclusively offered by VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard.  Due to the ... Read more

Why do I have blocked transactions?

Since a blocked transaction is also a payment guarantee for the merchant, we cannot terminate, or credit, any blocked transactions. After we authorize ... Read more

Where can I find my IBAN?

You can find your IBAN in your VIABUY account under the tab – My Card on the left side -  and also under the tab – Settings on the right ... Read more

Why I was not informed about the 89,80€?

The card issuing fee of 89.80 Euro includes the personalisation of an embossed, high-end premium design Mastercard card in gold or black, which will be ... Read more

How can I withdraw cash?

You can withdraw cash worldwide at one of the approximately 2 million ATMs in over 210 countries who accept Mastercard. All you need is your VIABUY ... Read more

Why can´t I withdraw cash?

Please make sure that you have sufficient funds at your disposal for this transaction (desired amount to withdraw ­­+ fees). ... Read more

Do I pay for my VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard in advance?

No, unlike most other cards, you do not need to pay for your card in advance. You get the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard without prepayment and free delivery. ... Read more

What are the shipping costs?

There are no shipping costs. The card will be shipped free of charge. ... Read more

What is a CVC code and where can I find it?

The CVC code is available on the back of your VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard next to the signature field. CVC is an acronym that stands for Card Verification ... Read more

What can I do if a transfer didn´t arrive at the beneficiary?

In case a transfer didn´t arrive at the beneficiary after 5 working days, please get in touch with our support team.   ... Read more

Why was my payment to the debt collection company not credited to my VIABUY account?

Once your payment to the debt collection company is credited to our bank account, the amount will be immediately credited to your VIABUY account. ... Read more