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A payment is missing - what can I do?

It normally takes 1-2 business days for your bank to transfer your funds to our bank account. Following receipt of your funds on our bank account, it ... Read more

Mobile phone number changed - what should I do?

You can update your phone number on you online account by clicking here If you cannot login or experience any issues, click on the Email button ... Read more

Why is the amount held for 14-days?

Loading from bank accounts not in your own name (third-party accounts) is a function exclusively offered by VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard.  Due to the ... Read more

What should I do if I lost my card?

Report your card as lost/stolen as soon as possible by clicking here. If you use the VIABUY app, you can report you card as lost/stolen on the ... Read more

Why do I have blocked transactions?

Since a blocked transaction is also a payment guarantee for the merchant, we cannot terminate, or credit, any blocked transactions. After we authorize ... Read more

What is GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is legislation that will bring together a uniform simple legal framework to the ways in which businesses ... Read more

How is VIABUY applying GDPR?

VIABUY is committed to safeguarding customer data and ensuring that it is processed in a professional manner. VIABUY have put in place full procedures to ... Read more

There are unauthorized transactions on my card. What should I do?

Please get in touch with our support team as soon as possible.  We will then send you a claim form with all the instructions. If you do not want ... Read more

How I change my password?

Login to your VIABUY card account on our website. Click in the menu bar "Settings" Go to "Change ... Read more

GDPR: How do I exercise my rights?

If you wish to exercise any of your GDPR rights then please send your request to   ... Read more

Can I send the documents by mail?

To send us documents by email, please click on the Email button below, fill in the form and upload any necessary documents. In case you already have a ... Read more

How can I change my PIN?

You can change your PIN by introducing your card in any Mastercard ATM and selecting "Change PIN". If what you want is to get a PIN reminder or ... Read more

GDPR: How does it affect me?

Under GDPR customers are able to exercise their ‘data subject rights’. This includes: The right to be informedThe right of accessThe right of ... Read more

Does the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard support 3D secure?

Yes. Your VIABUY card supports Mastercard SecureCode, also known as 3D Secure, adding an extra layer of security to your online card ... Read more

Is it safe to upload documents ?

We believe that any form of personal information you share with us needs to be carefully guarded. That is why we ensure your documentation is encrypted as ... Read more

Is my money safe?

Crosscard S.A. is authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). ... Read more

Can I accidentally pay on the go?

In order to pay contactless, the card must be held very close to the payment terminal (max. 4 cm). Unintentional payments are as unlikely as multiple ... Read more

How trustworthy is the company?

VIABUY is a brand of Crosscard S.A., a Luxembourg-based e-money institute, which is specialised in the issuing of electronic money. Crosscard S.A. is ... Read more

Do I get a VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard without an existing bank account?

Yes. An existing bank account is not necessary. ... Read more