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Why is the amount held for 14-days?

Loading from bank accounts not in your own name (third-party accounts) is a function exclusively offered by VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard. 

Due to the complex risk management systems that make it possible to offer this function to you, please be aware of the following:

If a third-party bank account is loading your VIABUY prepaid Mastercard for the first time, we MAY, under certain circumstances, automatically hold your funds for a 14-day clearing period. 

A bank account is considered to be a third-party account if the account holder name is not exactly the same as the card holder name for your VIABUY prepaid Mastercard card account. 

We informed you of the possibility that we may delay crediting such transactions to your card for 14 days on our website, when you obtained the required bank details from your customer login area. 

By activating the checkbox you assured us that you had read and understood this message. 

When you are sending funds from your own account and we mistakenly hold the funds: 

You may, in reply to this email, send us a copy of the payment confirmation, displaying your name and account number that was used to make the transaction. 

If the document is of an acceptable standard and quality we can then release your funds manually, and these will be immediately available on your card balance. This includes cases where, for example, you have changed your last name after marriage or have shared bank accounts. 

When you are sending funds from your own account that is not in your own name

You will have to wait for the clearing period to pass. The bank account is then automatically added to your personal whitelist. Future transactions from the same account will typically not be held, and will immediately be credited to your card account. 

When you have instructed your employer to deposit your salary directly to your VIABUY account: 

We can manually release the transaction to your card account if you send us a copy of the corresponding salary slip, that shows details of the sender bank account, the corresponding sum of the transfer and the purpose of the funds (Salary to your name). 

We hope that you understand these security measures help improve the banking security all of our customers.