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What is the maximum of funds I can load ?

It depends on the IDV Level you have and the loading method you use - please have a look below.

General Loading limits for all IDV

  • 3  loads within 24 hours
  • 60 per month

Limits IDV1

  • 250 Euro
  • 200 Euro credit card and debit card per 30 days
  • ATM withdrawals 50 Euro in total

Limits IDV2

  • 15.000 Euro per 365 days
  • 1.000 Euro credit card and debit card per 30 days*
  • ATM withdrawals 800 Euro per day 

* Only if the card account has been successfully loaded with at least EUR 1,000.00 via Bank Transfer payment methods more than 30 days in the past.

Limits IDV3

  • Unlimited (only per trx limits apply)
  • Unlimited credit card and debit card (only per trx limits apply)