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General questions

How can I contact the customer service?

To contact us start by searching the exact question you have. That's the fastest and simplest way. You will then see the: right answer, or all the ... Read more

What is the maximum of funds I can load ?

It depends on the IDV Level you have and the loading method you use - please have a look below. General Loading limits for all IDV 3  loads per day60 ... Read more

How can I cancel my card agreement with VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard?

We are sorry to hear you wish to cancel your VIABUY account and apologise for not meeting your expectations.   You can easily cancel your account ... Read more

How much credit I can get?

The VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard is a prepaid card that comes without any form of loan or credit. The card essentially works in the same manner as a prepaid ... Read more

How can I change my IDV level?

To increase your identification level log in to your online account and head to the ‘Settings’.  You will find an option to upgrade ... Read more

Can I replace my old card with a contactless one?

You can see whether your card is contactless by the contactless symbol on the back of the card next to the signature field. If you do not yet have a ... Read more

Can I send the documents by mail?

To send us documents by email, please click on the Email button below, fill in the form and upload any necessary documents. In case you already have a ... Read more

What are IDV Levels?

IDV levels represent your level of identification as a VIABUY customer. The Money Laundering Regulations 2007 require banks and financial institutions, ... Read more

How can I activate my card?

Activation is very easy. You can use the description on the card carrier. Please visit our activation website, complete the activation form and click on ... Read more

When I get my PIN?

You get your 4-digit PIN during the activation process to your Phone via SMS. ... Read more

How is VIABUY applying GDPR?

VIABUY is committed to safeguarding customer data and ensuring that it is processed in a professional manner. VIABUY have put in place full procedures to ... Read more

GDPR: How does it affect me?

Under GDPR customers are able to exercise their ‘data subject rights’. This includes: The right to be informedThe right of accessThe right of ... Read more

Where I find ATM terminals to withdraw money?

To find the nearby ATM machines just use the Mastercard ATM locator: ... Read more

GDPR: How do I exercise my rights?

If you wish to exercise any of your GDPR rights then please send your request to   ... Read more

Why can´t I pay with my card?

When payments are declined by the merchant, this can be for a variety of individual reasons such as: a wrong indication of payment or incorrect card ... Read more

Is my money safe?

Crosscard S.A. is authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF). ... Read more

What is a CVC code and where can I find it?

The CVC code is available on the back of your VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard next to the signature field. CVC is an acronym that stands for Card Verification ... Read more

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can add to my VIABUY card?

Yes, there are limits. It depends on the IDV Level you have and the loading method you use  - please have a look below. General Loading limits ... Read more

Where can I use my card?

The VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard® is an official and internationally licensed Mastercard payment card. It is accepted all over the world by all ... Read more

Where is the indication of the issuing fees ?

You can find the fees on several pages like here: ... Read more

Where can I load my VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard with money?

Fast loading instructions: Log-in to your account via Select the tab-sheet ‘Load Card’ from the ... Read more

Can I purchase flights and pay for car hires and hotel reservations?

Yes, because the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard is a fully functional Mastercard with real high embossing and unlimited usability – providing an ... Read more

Dlaczego moje konto nie jest dłużej dostępne w języku polskim ?

To  tylko zmiana języka. Wszystkie inne usługi i funkcje pozostają takie same.   Od 30 kwietnia 2019 roku językiem konta dla wszystkich naszych ... Read more

What are the terms of use?

You can find our current terms and conditions under: ... Read more

Does the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard support 3D secure?

Yes. Your VIABUY card now supports Mastercard SecureCode, also known as 3D Secure, adding an extra layer of security to your online card ... Read more

Must I order the card with my real name?

No, you can choose any name, unless the name is immoral. But consider your order name must be always your real name and in case you choose a different ... Read more

Is the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard a credit card?

No, the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard is a prepaid card that comes without any form of loan or credit. The card essentially works in the same manner as a ... Read more

How long will my VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard be valid?

The card is valid for 3 years from the date of issuance. A new card will be sent to you in time before your VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard expires. ... Read more

What is a VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard?

With your gold and black VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard® card you are always welcomed.   Shop conveniently and safely online and more than 36 million ... Read more

Who is eligible for a VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard?

As the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard card works on a prepaid basis, the acceptance does not depend on income, nationality or credit history. Because of the ... Read more

How long must I wait for my card?

You can receive your personalised VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard within one to two business days at no extra cost. Your order is shipped in 24hrs ... Read more

Miért nem érhető már el a számlám magyar nyelven?

Csak a nyelv változik, minden más szolgáltatás és funkció változatlan marad. 2019. május 31- ... Read more

What is GDPR?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is legislation that will bring together a uniform simple legal framework to the ways in which businesses ... Read more

What distinguishes the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard from other cards?

Available in gold or black credit card design. The VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard® convinces through its exclusive card design in gold or black. ... Read more

Do I get a VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard without income survey?

As the VIABUY Prepaid Mastercard card works on a prepaid basis, the acceptance does not depend on income, nationality or credit history. ... Read more